Today, September 29th, was launched the online magazine Rediscovering History with supplement Rediscovering History through Reenactment. Much was said and will still be regarding history. Printed or on-line, articles on history were and will always be within the reach of every individual that wishes to unveil every bit of his past. Thus, dozens of magazines, thousands of articles were published till this day. Nevertheless the Rediscovering History Magazine aims to go out of the box making a step forward by approaching history from another point of view – that of the reenactment enthusiasts, of those interested in reconstructing various historical events.

Among articles that uncover some of the unknown facts of national and universal history, the magazine will offer to its readers, interviews, reportages, news about exhibitions, photos, but also will present some of the Romanian reenactment organizations and reenactment actions that take place abroad.

The editors of this magazine are aware of the difficult road they have embarked on, with great competition, being motivated only by their love for history and the will to share their readers everything noteworthy, through the pages of this magazine.

Our actions have the support of historians and curators of the most important museums in Romania, actions that will bring to you the events that have made history. Because history starts where the present ends. Because today’s big event tomorrow will be History.

The SUMMARY of the first issue of the magazine Rediscovering History (Click on the image):

The Statue of Liberty. 130 years ago
 Bucharest in 1918: Little Berlin
 Homecoming Heroes: Commemorating ceremony taking place at the Unknown Soldier’s Tomb
 Deutsches Freikorps Association
 The WW2 Infantryman Uniform
 July’s exhibit: PzKpfw IV
 The King under surveillance. King Mihai the Ist of Romania in the files of The Communist Security Agency
 Jilava. Fort 13
 Communism in pictures
 Eduard Gutescu – Windows in Time
 A chance in a billion: The collision of two bullets
 Let’s play… War!
 Amerika: Adolf Hitler’s special train
 The voice from the front…
 Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter
 Wandering on the iron road: The railway of Mediaș

The SUMMARY of the first issue of the SUPPLEMENT Rediscovering History through Reenactment (Click on the image)

coperta suplimentReenacting the Past

Military Signalers Day

Founding members and Editors: Alice Diana Boboc and Mihăiță Enache

Translator: Gabriela Brețcanu